Our story of making the world a more beautiful and better place.

By designing and manufacturing sustainable high-end luxury concrete wall tiles and objects

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Our mission & values

Our goal of making the world a more beautiful and better place is fueled by our desire to design, create and make sustainable wall tiles every day. We believe this is ingrained in us. Not just for ourselves, but for our future and that of others, so together we’ll marvel and help change our environment.

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Sustainable concrete,
our little secret

After years of research and experimenting on concrete with our company Beton-Lab, we've combined our experiences and knowledge into our secret blend of sustainable concrete. By listening, looking forward, and innovating, we're now able to create impressive, authentic, handmade sustainable concrete wall tiles and objects.

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Beloved by agencies, independent architects and interior designers

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Why the Novel Grey?

To follow our passion, we've put everything aside. This desire is our driving force. Through our continuous search, discoveries and innovation, we create new blends, techniques and appearances in concrete that are sustainable, unique and can hardly be found elsewhere.

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