Wall overview presentation of 6 rhom panels and 1 gold plated Hex Vein panel

Pieces of Art

Last two months we’ve been working on a new application for our lush 3D wall tiles. As we feel that our tiles are works of art on their own, it was only logical to create wall pieces out of them! And so we designed and created 15 unique pieces which would see their first light of day at OBJECT Rotterdam from February 2 to 4 2024 in the impressive HAKA Building.

Never before have we been so happy and satisfied with our presentation. OBJECT Rotterdam was really a blast. Not at the least because we had been assigned as we feel the best spot in the building!

Presentation overview of Novel Grey wall pieces at OBJECT Rotterdam 2024

We went there with the aim to inspire our guests and visitors and we succeeded. For the first time we showed our 3D wall tiles as wall pieces to consumers. Given the enormous amount of positive reactions, photos taken and even selling some of them, they were a hit! By making wall pieces from our wall tiles, we add an extra dimension to our wall decoration. Of course, they can be purchased per sqm to be used in the living, the master bedroom or let’s say a hotel room, but they can also impress and inspire as a free-standing object on the wall!

The Novel Grey wall pieces are designs that we will sell in limited editions. The number of editions depend on size, colour and shape. Every piece is handmade, as are the elements on it. Every piece is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of autenticity. When the final number is met, we will no longer produce it. However, bespoke pieces are possible as well, so feel free to request your custom wall piece in any colour, shape or size.

For now, if you’re interested, please send us an email or give us a call, or

In the near future we will renew our website, with the wall pieces given a separate place on their own. For now you can admire some below or visit our temporary online store WALLPIECES:

Wall piece Dune-Hex-G-Sand, made out of 30 3D elements of sand coloured sustainable concrete designed by Elise Luttik
Wall piece Flow-Hex-G-Peachfuzz made out of 32 3D elements of sustainable peach fuzz coloured concrete
Wall piece Linea_Split_Minty_Green, created out of sustainable concrete, minty green, consisting of 2 separate identical panels with 16 pieces each
Wall piece Flow_Triade_Oldpink, created out of sustainable concrete, pink coloured, consisting of 18 3D elements
Wall piece Flow_Rhom_Yellowgold, created out of sustainable concrete, yellow gold coloured, consisting of 6 3D elements


We’ve had a passion for concrete many years before we even started working with concrete. The tactility of the material, the looks, the strength, the rawness… Concrete can be bold and brutal, but when you look closer, you see finesse and detail. Concrete has a story to tell, about the men who made it, the purpose, the time. You can see and feel it when you look closely. 

There was however one thing that struck us most. Concrete follows each and every line you tell it to. Next time when you’re outside, passing a bridge, or look at the ceiling of a parking garage, stop for a minute and take a closer look… You’ll see what we see! 


This quality of concrete is what makes us want to make beautiful designs with concrete. We want to question what people think; is it concrete? Is that even possible? But moreover we want people to feel and be amazed. Our designs have glaze like smooth finishes and sharp edges, highs and lows. A beautiful mixture of organic and geometric lines and shapes. But when you look closer, you will see beyond the design and discover it is actual concrete.  

Of course, we could make wall tiles out of everything, but the combination of this quality of concrete with the possibilities to alter it and above all make it sustainable, makes that we want to work with concrete the rest of our lives.  


In our designs we want to give you the same feeling as we give to our concrete. We want to make you feel proud and enthusiastic. Isn’t it true that you identify yourself with the choices you make? After all, you want to feel at home where you reside. Buy making beautiful designs with sustainable concrete, we want to match your feelings for beauty and safety. For exclusivity even. After all, there’s no place like home. 

Many architects, designers and interior architects we speak to are looking for truly environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions for aesthetic design, finishing and product design. What one finds is often exotic, hard to get or just shabby. Our sustainable concrete is an answer to this. Do you want to join the solution with us and contribute to a more sustainable future? Please contact us so that we can see together what you need to take your step!

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